Swedish LNG infrastructure deal to support sea transport and storage

SMART energy infrastructure specialist Swedegas is examining the potential for establishing a gas infrastructure in the Gävle region. The company has signed a memorandum of understanding with Kanfer Shipping for a potential collaboration regarding transport of LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) by sea as well as a storage facility in the Gävle region.

“We are looking to invest in the most efficient solution. This concept is favourable from an operating cost point of view, which will benefit customers in the region,” said Johan Zettergren, Swedegas Vice President.

Ship unloading at liquified natural gas terminal.
Ship unloading at liquified natural gas terminal.

Swedegas is planning to invest in a gas infrastructure solution in the Gävle region that will include a regional gas network and an LNG terminal. A solution of this nature would provide industry and the transport sector, including shipping, with the opportunity to access competitive, sustainable energy as they gradually make the transition from oil-based products to more eco-friendly alternatives. Gas will be used as it is safe, easy to handle and more environmentally viable than oil and coal. The region’s biogas production could also increase with the establishment of a more efficient distribution system.

Swedegas is currently in discussion with Kanfer Shipping about what form a flexible and robust solution for supplying the region with LNG/gas might take. Kanfer Shipping’s solution would involve LNG being transported to a port on barges pushed by tugs. The barges would then function as floating storage facilities at the port. From there, the LNG, following regasification, can be transported onwards in the Swedegas network.

“We are striving to find competitive and flexible solutions for the entire gas value chain and are currently analyzing different options in order to find the most efficient one,” said Johan Zettergren.

Kanfer Shipping will conduct a preliminary study to allow the parties to proceed towards a decision on the future of the project.

“The aim is to work together over the next year to have a complete gas infrastructure solution in place,” said Stig Anders Hagen, managing partner at Kanfer Shipping.