Additive boosts AD performance and stability

OMEX Environmental is introducing a new powder additive for the anaerobic digestion and biogas market, Nutromex® Biopack. Nutromex® Biopack is described as “a unique mix of bio-available trace elements and specially selected bacteria which is used to supplement the existing microbial populations in AD and biogas plants”. This addition is said to improve overall plant functionality, leading to optimum performance.Biopack
Nutromex® Biopack has an advantage over current products in the market given its easy application, says Omex. It is a water soluble powder available in 250g biodegradable bags which are administered directly into the feeder on a daily basis.
Each individual digester needs essential metals to create the perfect balance for microbial populations to thrive and break down feedstock effectively and its’ performance and cost effectiveness is highly dependent on the microbe strains present. Nutromex® Biopack provides both bacteria and trace elements in one hit.
Available in 10kg plastic pails containing 40 x 250g bags, Nutromex® Biopack can be used in anaerobic plants for a variety of substrates from grass silage to food waste and is currently proving to be very successful in trials on several farms throughout the UK.
Omex will be exhibiting at this year’s UK AD & Biogas Exhibition at the NEC, stand F509. See for more details.