Firm highlights priorities for pumps in the AD sector

T-T highlights the long-term reliability of its components for the AD and biogas sector.

T-T Pumps will be appearing at the AD & Biogas show in July, showcasing what the firm says is a growing range of cost-effective and environmentally efficient products designed to meet the needs of this sector.

Long-term reliability is a key sales message in the company’s offering. With a specialist team dedicated to this sector, T-T has pooled its apparently extensive experience and expertise in pumps, valves, controls and services, offering solutions that are said to endure and perform well over the long term.

The offering includes submersible and external motor-driven pumps. These are used to feed the primary digester and/or to handle the substrate between digesters and/or for mixing through the nozzles inside the digester. The chopping system provided on all pumps aids the anaerobic fermentation process, says T-T, improving the efficiency of the plant.

The firm says its chopper pumps are designed for effluent with high solid content. The heavy duty chopper pumps are said to be highly effective and efficient, and are available in submersible and surface-mounted options as well as with close coupled electrical motor and long shaft. T-T also offers diesel driven pumps and pumps with a PTO drive option.

Submersible mixers are used in digesters to mix and homogenise the substrate, thus increasing the output of the plant and preventing solids settling, which in the long run will increase the efficiency of the plant.

Treatment processing can be dramatically improved by extracting the solid content of the digestate by introducing a separator. The liquid fraction can be used as a fertiliser which is easier applied. The Solids fraction may be used as a fertiliser.

T-T also offers an extensive range of pumps for use with clean water (hot and cold).

Uni-directional knife gate valves are designed with a stainless steel chamfered edged polished gate to effectively cut through media and are suitable for suspended solids such as wastewater, sludge and biomass.

T-T will be on hand at the AD & Biogas show, where you will be able to find them on stand L101. The firm can discuss application-specific issues in more detail and assist with bespoke designs, control panels and after-sales support. For more information see