Lining system safeguards against ‘future fuels’ leaks


Asset resilience specialist Adler & Allan has added TankTechnic Lining Systems to its portfolio of tank services. Providing targeted corrosion prevention for tanks that store hazardous liquids, such as automotive fuels, TankTechnic Lining Systems are said to be 100% ethanol resistant, and ideal for storing ‘future fuels’.

Aggressive chemicals and ethanol in bio fuels can make tanks vulnerable to fatigue, stress corrosion and static breakage, leading to storage facility decay and the leakage of potentially polluting liquids. TankTechnic linings bring tanks up to the highest levels of environmental safety, EN13160 Class 1, and are ideal for tanks in need of repair, or those coming out of warranty. DOPA, TankTechnic’s double wall lining solution, also includes 24/7 remote leak detection monitoring, to prevent contamination, tampering and pollution.

Henry Simpson, Commercial Director for Adler & Allan, said: “By providing TankTechnic linings, we can now extend our options for customers who store oil, gas and chemicals. The linings provide fast, effective and non-disruptive solutions to reinforcing a tank; following damage or corrosion, for example. These new linings will extend asset lifetime, reducing costs all-round.”

Adler & Allan lists the benefits of TankTechnic as follows:

– Total resistance to bioethanol (E100), biodiesel (B100) and a wide range of chemicals
– Prevents pollution and protects against contamination
– Cost effective, far cheaper than tank replacement
– Revitalises and maintains asset worth
– Minimal tank downtime during transformation
– Lower maintenance and inspection costs
– Approved by Air Forces as resistant to aviation fuels corresponding to MIL-PRF-4556F
– TUV and DiBt approved for use in above ground tanks and compliance with technical standards and applicable regulations, such as EN 13160
– ATEX rated explosion proof
– 24/7 remote monitoring available with the DOPA system

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