Tackling smells with clever chemistry

BIOSCIENCE company Genesis Biosciences has developed odour control technology for the facilities management industry which it suggests offers an advance in effectiveness compared to traditional chemical masking methods.

Traditionally chemical odour masking technologies are used to tackle bad odours, often using perfumes to conceal the bad odour; however they are only effective for a short period of time and are easily overpowered because they do not tackle the source of the bad odour.

However, the new Evogen Professional Odour Neutraliser is said to deliver a three-pronged attack on bad odour.

The use of "unique microbial formulas" is said to deliver longer-lasting performance than chemical masking methods currently available, says Genesis Biosciences.
The use of “unique microbial formulas” is said to deliver longer-lasting performance than chemical masking methods currently available, says Genesis Biosciences.

The Odour Neutraliser contains a fresh and clean fragrance , an eco-benign® chemical odour counteractant which encapsulates existing malodour molecules – making them too large for the nose to detect – and specific bacteria that degrades the malodour causing organic matter such as proteins in the application area, therefore removing malodour at its source.

By preventing malodour at the source, the product delivers superior, long lasting results against a wide range of odours.

Dr Emma Saunders, General Manager at Genesis Biosciences, said:  “The Evogen Professional Odour Neutraliser is a liquid bacterial concentrate which combines unique eco-benign® chemistry and application-specific bacteria to offer a proven, innovative and effective long term approach to odour control.

“Like all other products within the Evogen Professional range, the Odour Neutraliser has been tested thoroughly by our research and development teams to ensure that our products are scientifically validated. The Odour Neutraliser is manufactured in accordance with recognised international standards, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

“Because the Odour Neutraliser is made with organic ingredients, the product is safer to use and to store, compared with harsher chemical products, and therefore improves the health and safety of consumers and the workforce.   

“By using unique microbial formulas, the product also provides a longer-lasting performance than current market alternatives because malodour is tackled at the source. This reduces the labour costs of having to re-apply chemical odour masking products, and makes the Evogen Professional Odour Neutraliser more economically efficient.”

As a testament to the leading environmental work the company completes, Genesis Biosciences was a recent winner at the EDIE 2015 Awards for Sustainability, winning the ‘Sustainability Product Innovation’ category for its development of the Evogen product range.

For more information on Genesis Biosciences and the Odour Neutraliser, visit http://genesisbiosciences.co.uk/product/evogen-odour-neutraliser/.