Continuous PM reading with compact unit

The Fidas® Frog is a compact fine dust monitor with a detachable control panel for indoor and workplace exposure measurements.

Available from instrumentation firm Palas, the device seemingly provides a fast, reliable and quality-assured determination of fine dust, supporting monitoring within the scope of Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) management at workplaces (exposure assessment) or in the range of indoor air quality measurements (e.g. for offices, public buildings and so on).
It measures simultaneously the environmentally relevant mass fractions PM1, PM2.5, PM4, PM10, TSP as well as the particle number and the particle size distribution within the particle size range of 0.18 – 40 µm. By providing fine dust values with high time resolution, the operator receives comprehensive information for evaluation and assessment of the fine dust pollution for the investigated application.
Featuring a compact and light design, it is a portable hand-held monitor with an operation time of up to 8 hours per battery charge.
The device employs the well proven measurement technology of optical light scattering of single particles. It is equipped with a high intensity LED light source (dp min = 180 nm), and features a highly stable output and long lifetime. The sensor and the evaluation routines of the Fidas® Frog are also used in the Fidas® 200, which is certified for monitoring of PM 2,5 and PM 10 in ambient air. The calibration of the system can be checked and adjusted, if necessary, easily and quickly also under field conditions on site at any time with the help of a monodisperse test powder.