Fertiliser first

Boddington Estates has become the first farm in the county to receive a high quality ‘green’ fertiliser from the county’s local food waste recycling provider, Andigestion.

Approximately 50 hectares of land has been ‘spread’ with Andigestion’s ‘green’ fertiliser at the Boddington Estate near Cheltenham. Boddington Estate is home to the award winning Sterling Simmental cows and the fertiliser will be used to grow crops, as well as grazing grass for the herds. The fertiliser is a product of Andigestion’s food waste recycling process at Bishops Cleeve. The plant receives food waste from households and businesses across the county. The liquid fertiliser is produced for local farmers to use in place of carbon intensive chemical fertilisers, it is delivered and spread into the land by Andigestion’s distribution partner, the 4R Group. The Bishop’s Cleeve plant is also generating biomethane gas which is put into the national gas grid for use in local homes.