Gridded filters assist with asbestos count

ee_fm25080_1US laboratory equipment supplier Environmental Express is offering gridded MCE filter membranes to address various sample collection and analysis needs, especially airborne asbestos fibre monitoring, which is legislated by European Directive 2009/148/EC – Exposure to asbestos at work, UK Control of Asbestos at Work Regulations (CAWR) and a number of other country specific guidelines and regulations.  The filters are printed with a green grid to support easy counting of asbestos fibres and they are compatible with any air sampling equipment that uses a 25mm filter.  All filters are manufactured to standards of high purity that prevent contamination during the manufacturing process and thus ensure accurate, precise sample collection, says the firm. These filters meet the guidelines for asbestos testing/sample collection outlined in EU directive 86/477/EEC and UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE) Guideline HSG248. Samples can be provided for evaluation and validation.

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