Watertight flowmeter carries a lot of power

Katronic Technologies has introduced the latest addition to its KATflow portfolio flowmeters. The new KATflow 210 has been launched in response to demand from customers for a rugged measurement device, with a high IP rating and a long battery life, says the firm.

The device is aimed at the water, leak detection and environmental markets as it is suitable for use in harsh environmental conditions and in areas where long term measurements are required without access to a power supply.  The KATflow210 has been designed around a Peli Protector™ housing, a brand said to be synonymous with robust, watertight case manufacture. All connections to the instrument electronics are done on the outside of the case, meaning that once programmed, the flowmeter can be closed, locked and left to measure.

The KATflow 210 is fitted with a custom-made battery pack.

In order to provide the ideal combination of weight, power and durability, extensive research was done to find the best possible battery configuration and chemistry. Numerous options were considered with the final realisation being that the only practical solution to meet all of the instrument’s requirements was to commission the production of a custom-made battery pack. As a result, the KATflow 210 can be fitted with between one and three internal batteries offering up to 37.2 Ah of capacity.

There have also been further innovations to how the device makes use of this large capacity. The flowmeter is programmed with three different operating modes which allow the user to vary the measurement frequency or send the meter into hibernation. This in turn creates flexibility in the way in which the flowmeter can be implemented. The operator can have measurements which are updating every second for a duration of weeks, or potentially data taken over a period, presently estimated at nine months.

In support of the new KATflow 210 design, the already reliable Katronic transducers have been further enhanced. The new K1N sensors maintain the standard stainless head and conduit but now have additional sealing and a larger diameter IP 68 connector fitted in order to provide the optimum in waterproofingand strength.

As well as having a large internal datalogger, the KATflow 210 can offer users remote data access through wireless data transmission. The instrument also has up to five different wired output or input options, including 4-20 mA, pulse and MODbus outputs.

With its rugged and robust construction, Katronic says the KATflow 210 is proving to be a welcome addition to the portable flowmeter market. “The design will appeal to service and commissioning engineers,” says a press release from the firm, “and anyone working in an area where the tools need to suit the job and not the other way around.”