Accurate samplers assist with compliance

Accuracy of sample collection is cited as a key advantage of the ProSample series, thanks to a proprietary peristaltic pump design.

The ProSample series of fully automated samplers from YSI (a Xylem brand) is said to provide operators of wastewater facilities with reliable data to help them maintain compliance with regulations. It is also described as user friendly and easy to program.

A proprietary peristaltic pump supplied with the ProSample series is said to offer an edge in accuracy terms, when taking sampling volumes. This is attributed to the use of a two-sensor design versus the more common one-sensor design of most buy-out peristaltic pumps. The samplers come with two sets of tubing, one for operation and one as a spare. The spring-loaded roller bearings of the pump are said to provide longer tube life, up to 20% longer than the competition.

Programming the ProSample series is described as quick and user friendly. Calibration time takes less than 2 minutes and can be done on the sampler itself or on a PC with running the downloaded YSiConnect software. Once the sampler is ready for operation, a light will flash green as a visual indication the sampler is properly programmed and calibrated and ready to begin service. A red light will flash if the system has any errors.

Sampling runs based on time, flow or event are all easily programmable on the ProSample keypad, says the firm. The automated sampler is battery operated and has extended battery life. The sampler will get up to 550 samples from one battery charge.

Following data and sample collection, the data log can be recovered using a USB. The ProSample series does not require the use of a laptop in close proximity to the sampler.

Accessories that increase the flexibility and enhance the product include, optional bottles (number and size), a suspension harness, filter basket, and transport trolley in addition to others.