Emergency shower keeps hazardous materials confined and adapts to climate

Spill containment specialist Empteezy launched a “ground-breaking new emergency shower” at the ADIPEC oil and gas exhibition and conference in Abu Dhabi on 7 November.

The shower has been designed for sites which handle hazardous liquids.

The wrap-around emergency shower regulates the water temperature in accordance with the demands of the local climate, ensuring the correct temperature is maintained for the required time, says Empteezy.

Chemical or flammable liquid containment is a necessity on any trading site, primarily to ensure personnel and equipment safety. Accidents inevitably happen as a result of both controllable and uncontrollable variables so it is important to provide decontamination facilities on site which are easily accessible.

To ensure the fastest possible decontamination time, Empteezy has designed a wrap-around shower which is activated by walking on to a grid mesh. The u-shaped encased structure provides a thorough decontamination in the event of human contact with hazardous liquids, by distributing 75.7 litres of clean water per minute onto the body and 1.5 litres of eyewash per minute. This unique design limits contamination potential, says the firm, by encasing the individual and decreasing the chance of the hazardous material escaping outside of the confined area.

Said to ensure safe decontamination across all climates, the wrap-around emergency safety shower regulates the temperature of the water according to external weather conditions. This ensures the correct temperature is maintained for the required time, allowing the individual to be safely cleansed.

Providing an enhanced product to both users and the environment, the shower can filter and recycle the water, ensuring a constant bank of water ready for use.

Commenting on the launch Empteezy® founder and managing director Bruce Wishart said: “The wrap-around shower has been developed to be fully compliant with ANSI Z358.1 – the gold standard for emergency showers and eye washes. It makes total sense to showcase the shower here at ADIPEC, as having first class decontamination facilities for staff in the oil and gas sector is a must for companies who have a duty of care to their employees.”

Find out more at www.empteezy.co.uk.