Raising the bar for AODDs

A new range of air-operated double diaphragm pumps (AODD), said to be one of the most reliable, rugged and affordable of their type, have been announced by Michael Smith Engineers.

The Finish Thompson FTI AIR range is said to include all the benefits of AODD pumps in addition to FTI’s own innovative features.

The range offers the important benefits of using AODD pumps, such as simple installation, ease of operation and low maintenance and running costs. AODD pumps are also self-priming, portable, dry-running, and able to handle abrasive, viscous and shear-sensitive liquids and even ‘dirty’ liquids with particles. A lube-free air valve design contributes towards the philosophy of a simple, rugged and reliable design. This design features significantly fewer components compared to other air valves, resulting in reduced servicing time and the associated maintenance costs and downtime.