Improving surface water quality in Europe: EU project concludes

The e1M EU-funded CFIS ECOPHARMA project has concluded after two years of Europe-wide trials, according to a December announcement from Aqua Enviro, which participated alongside other European firms.
The objective of the project was to demonstrate new sampling techniques that would improve the quality of surface water in Europe by removing pharmaceuticals and pesticides, while also adhering to the EU’s required legislation.
Seemingly valuable data has been collected from site trials in locations from Spain to Scotland to demonstrate the CFIS sampling device (pictured). It can take time based composite samples of both soluble and particulate compounds, whilst stabilising these for later analysis. The device is able to achieve much lower limits of detection than existing methods as well as providing composite data that could increase the reliance of one-off spot samples.
The analytical laboratory services, Labaqua, a specialist environmental solutions company, has been at the forefront of the research project. Azziz Assoumani a Chemical Analysis Researcher for Labaqua, has also played a pivotal role in the effort, according to Aqua Enviro.