Thames Water odour control framework deal

Odour control specialist Hibernia has signed a major services supply contract with Thames Water that includes supply to two of the largest wastewater treatment sites in Europe.
Sites covered by the contract include Crossness Sewage Treatment Works.
The services framework deal covers 15 Thames Water sites in north east London, including locations near Stansted Airport and others both north and south of the Thames. The largest ones included are Beckton and Crossness Sewage Treatment Works. The contract, which is expected to be worth at least £250,000, covers a minimum of 3 years and with options to extend it up to an 8-year period. Based in Balbriggan, County Dublin, Hibernia supplies equipment such as air scrubbing systems, manhole and vent odour filters and cage filter strainers. It also offers training in odour control.
Richard Berney, md of Hibernia, said: “We are thrilled about this award. Hibernia has provided odour control plant & services to all the UK (and Irish) waste water authorities over the past 20+ years, but Thames Water has always been our best customer. Already we are seeing the range of services we provide at many of the awarded sites grow into additional training and refurbishment projects.” He added: “This gives Hibernia a great opportunity to further develop as a company, to grow its relationship with a key customer, and to expand the range of services it provides to the wastewater sector at large.”