Sparking interest for safe drainage surveys

Flammable gases can gather in underground pipes. The EX-rated cameras minimise the possibility of generating a spark.

Lanes Group has invested in EX-rated CCTV camera technology to meet growing demand for drainage survey services that offer enhanced standards of safe working in potentially hazardous environments.
The drainage survey camera systems are designed to be ‘intrinsically safe’ when operated in confined spaces where there is a risk that they could come into contact with potentially-explosive gases.
Industry-standard CCTV drainage camera systems, including crawler cameras and push rod systems, have been proved to have an excellent safety record in confined spaces, including drains, sewer pipes, culverts and chambers.
However, some utility and industrial clients require a higher standard of safety, in relation to potentially explosive gases. Also, some industrial applications, for example working on waste pipes in the petro-chemical industry, have specific risks associated with volatile gases.
The new Proteus EX camera equipment, which include crawler camera and push rod camera
systems, are based at the Lanes depots in Preston and Manchester, but can be deployed anywhere
in the UK.
Lanes Group CCTV Systems Manager Chris Wilde said: “United Utilities stipulates that all drainage cameras deployed in its underground assets must be EX-rated, so it made sense to base this new equipment in the North West.
“However, their enhanced capabilities mean they have applications in a range of other industries, including power generation, oil and gas rig maintenance, gas pipe maintenance and landfill site management.
Frank Hamlin, Area Development Manager for the Lanes Preston depot, said:  The ‘Zone 2 EX-rated’ drainage camera systems are designed so there is less chance of them generating a spark that could ignite hazardous gases which can gather in underground pipes and chambers.