Water sector innovations

The VEGAPULSWLS61 contactless radar level sensor is competitively priced

VEGA has announced its radar-based system has gained MCERTS approval for open channel flow measurement. The MCERTS scheme, overseen by the Environment Agency, ensures high quality, approved equipment is available to maintain reliable, accurate measurements by end users. Rigorous quality, performance and system tests are undertaken to attain this standard. Why use radar? Because of its direct application benefits – a precise level measurement is crucial on any OCF system, as the smallest errors are magnified through subsequent exponential flow calculations. Radar technology is immune to temperature (solar or air influenced), condensation, dirt or build up on transducers, wind or surface conditions, so a radar-based system can deliver a more reliable and accurate flow measurement.
The new VEGAPULS WL S 61 contactless radar level sensor is designed for applications in WTWs, STWs, pumping stations, CSOs, digesters, sludge tanks, open channel flow measurement and telemetry gauging stations. The very competitive price combines with globally-proven success, as it joins the VEGAPULS WL61 water radar, which already has 40,000 units installed world-wide. Radar is an interesting technology for the water and environmental sector as it is unaffected by sun (temperature change) wind, fog or rain, surface turbulence, vapours and condensation, which means it is highly versatile and reliable.
This new fully featured ‘S’ version is loop-powered, has 5mm accuracy, 8m range and flexible mounting options. Its Bluetooth® set up (via free IOS or Android App for smartphone or tablet) or PC (free FDT/DTM download) provides easy, safe and convenient operation. IP 68 (2 bar) submersible housings with 12m sealed cable offer robust protection. Utilising a 10 degree focused beam angle, means it meets the latest EN Level Probing Radar (LPR) standard for open-air use.
As a one off the VEGAPULS WL S 61 radar sensor is £460, and £390 for 10+ units – all devices are fully featured, no additional accessories required or usage restrictions.
As well as being standard on new water radars, Bluetooth® can now be supplied as an option on all VEGA level measurement technologies. It enables fast, safe and convenient set up and asset management via smart phone, tablet or PC.
That’s not all, due to the modular design of the unique plics® system, any level or pressure transmitter from this plics® range supplied since launch in 2002 can be retro fitted with this latest in set up and asset management communications.