Fast tank cleaners save water

When cleaning tanks and other similar storage vessels, spray balls are acknowledged as being an inexpensive, yet effective method. However, with industry more focused than ever on energy-efficiency and whole-life costs, it has to be said that spray balls leave a little to be desired.

They are still commonly used for cleaning small tanks with lighter residue. This is due, in part, to the logic that more expensive, powerful tank cleaners, such as impingement cleaners, are overkill and therefore not justified for less challenging tank cleaning applications. This logic, however, is now being challenged thanks to the introduction of a new breed of very fast cycle impingement cleaners (FCIC) such as the Orbtior Eco from the Spray Nozzle People Group.

Based on their innovative design the new Orbitor Eco models are still powerful impingement cleaners but rather than being geared for maximum power they are instead configured for maximum speed and water efficiency. Some sacrifices in jet length and cleaning strength are made but the new machines can complete a cleaning cycle in under two minutes with flow rates as low as 45 litres per minute.

When compared directly to spray balls the new Orbitor Eco offers:
A greater cleaning power despite its faster cycle time,  a bigger range of cleaning (up to 10 meters diameter), a reduced water consumption per cycle of up to 95%, and significantly reduced cleaning cycle time (5 min eco-cycle, compared to a typical 30 min spray ball cycle, depending on the residue, and an ability to operate at similar pressures (2-3bar).

In addition to the operational benefits of these new fast cycle impingement cleaners the process of installing them to replace existing old style spray balls is relatively simple. For example, the Orbitor Eco will fit through a 100 mm opening and can operate at pressures as low as 2-3 bar with flow rates as low as 45 litres per minute.