SCADA system offers open platform with minimal long-term costs

A firm specialising in data collection, control and optimisation solutions, Servelec Technologies, has recently secured a significant contract with UK water-only supplier Affinity Water, to replace the latter’s regional telemetry system with a new SCOPE SCADA system.

In addition, Servelec Technologies will upgrade 450 outstations with the Seprol S2000 range of RTUs and provide 24/7 support for the scheme for the next five years.

The end-to-end upgrade of Affinity Water’s telemetry and automation provision replaces a competing legacy system and provides Affinity Water with the very latest technology, says the firm. As the whole solution is Water Industry Telemetry Standards (WITS) compliant it gives Affinity Water future flexibility of choice, eliminating vendor lock-in.

The implementation of the 450 S2000 RTUs will take place over nine months starting in early 2018, while the installation of the new SCADA system, using Servelec’s SCOPE technology and Prism5 graphical user interface is already underway. SCOPE and Prism5 is built using HTML5 technology and provides operators with visual real-time information and the ability to control their network from their mobile device.

The advantage of the Servelec designed solution, is said to be how the new technology interfaces with existing hardware, business planning and asset management systems; providing a holistic view of Affinity Water’s entire estate. 

In addition to creating an interface for operators, SCOPE’s real-time data mirroring capabilities enable Affinity Water’s stakeholders to make informed decisions with improved accuracy. This mirrored data is ring-fenced from the operational telemetry system so that critical day-to-day operations are protected from support activity.

Gerald Doocey of Affinity Water said: “We are delighted to work with Servelec to upgrade our SCADA platform and network of outstations. As with many projects, reducing long-term costs was a key factor in our decision, but Servelec’s open platform and WITS compliancy was equally important. The seamless way Servelec’s technology integrates with our existing infrastructure means the holistic view of operations will improve efficiency across many aspects of our organisation for years to come.”