BASF challenges allotment holders to take the nematode challenge

Chemicals firm BASF, supplier of a leading brand of nematodes – the tiny worms that can be used in plant protection to control pests – is conducting a consumer based trial in conjunction with the National Allotment Association (NSALG) with the aim of understanding more about the needs of its customers, and changing preconceptions about nematodes.

BASF has selected volunteers from the Northwest region (Lancashire, Cheshire, Manchester, and the Lake District) to trial its Nemaslug product, which is specifically created to target slugs, one of the most prolific pests in this area.

The Sussex based company grows trillions of beneficial nematodes every year for use in its Nemasys range of pest controls products. Nematodes are a sophisticated, yet simple, biological method of ridding gardens and allotments of pests, and can be applied by simply watering them on.

Despite this simplicity, and their many benefits, many gardeners and growers are still put off by them, assuming them to be too complicated or too expensive. -a myth that BASF hopes to put to bed with the Nematode Challenge!

Volunteers will receive a free supply of nematodes and will be testing out the product over the course of a growing season, and will comment upon how they found their experience of using it, assessing it in terms of ease-of-use, practicality, effectiveness, and a number of other criteria.

In 2018, it is hoped similar challenges will take place all around England and Wales, the results providing nationwide statistics and the challenge confidently converting sceptics to the benefits of nematodes!

You can follow Nemasys on Twitter @BASF_Nemasys_UK and find them on Facebook by searching for @BASF.Nemasys.UK