Design service provides bespoke 3D volumetric modelling of soil volumes

A bespoke design service that aims to help housebuilders avoid the problem of accumulating large quantities of surplus soil has been launched by brownfield development expert McAuliffe.

The firm sets out the scenario: “It’s a familiar scene for many housebuilders. Construction has started, and you suddenly find yourself with hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of wet through surplus soil to get off site.”

McAuliffe says it is regularly contacted by “housebuilders who have fallen foul of consultants messing up a site’s cut/fill balance”. The solution it presents is a bespoke design service using advanced 3D volumetric modelling to ensure the fast, accurate measurement of muck volumes from the land acquisition stage, through to detailed design.

McAuliffe says its “experienced civil engineers will help you navigate the cut/fill conundrum, developing intelligent solutions that minimise cost and, more importantly, surprises down the line”.

The firm adds that in-house geotechnical design and waste management techniques provide enhanced value engineering tools, further reducing housebuilders’ bottom-line build costs.

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