Webinar to explain package version of Veolia’s Exelys™ sludge treatment technology

Veolia Water Technologies UK (Veolia) is running a webinar on 29 June at 2pm to explain the benefits of its Package Exelys™ sludge treatment technology.

Following the release of its full-size Exelys™ solution which combines thermal hydrolysis and anaerobic digestion, the new packaged version creates potential opportunities for a new set of customers – companies with smaller plants and less available space who can reap the benefits of the tried and tested Exelys™ process. Package Exelys™ is a Plug & Play solution that Veolia says can produce between 30-50% more biogas while reducing dry solids by up to 35% on a much smaller footprint.

All the benefits of Exelys remain in the packaged version, combined with an additional set of well-thought-out features including the Plug and Play element as well as being fully tested off-site – which minimises commissioning and installation time.

Leading the webinar will be Andrew Gilbert, a Senior Process Engineer at Veolia. Andrew has over 30 years’ experience in the water industry, and is now particularly involved in the thermal hydrolysis process (THP) and its application in improving the reuse and recycling routes for sludge and biosolid residuals.

The webinar will give a detailed and technical overview of how the technology works, as well as highlighting the key benefits of the THP and the packaged solution.