Trading organic waste in France

French recycling and recovery firm Suez has launched “Organix®”, described as the first digital marketplace for organic waste. The platform aims to connect producers of organic waste (food industry manufacturers, cooperatives and the like) and methanation unit operators, able to transform them into energy.

Both sides can manage transactions in a simple and secure manner, says Suez, which provides logistics and transportation to support the service. Suez also ensures the quality of the materials with an audit of the producers and a flows diagnosis. Already available in some French regions (Brittany, Normandy and Pays de la Loire), Organix will seemingly cover the entire country by the end of the year, and will gradually be enhanced with new functionalities.

Through Organix, organic waste can now be sold securely and easily on an auction platform, similar to those used for common consumer goods:

  • the producer of organic materials makes an offer, with details of the quality and the nature of its flows,
  • the waste-to-energy operator can accept the offer, in which case the transaction is validated immediately, or he can make an offer as part of the auction system. When the auction closes, the producer accepts or rejects the best offer made to him.

This unique platform is the first digital marketplace for organic waste in France. It represents a genuine breakthrough from the existing trading system and meets two needs. On the one hand, producers of organic waste do not always find the right recovery channel, while, on the other, operators of methanation units sometimes have difficulties with their supplies of organic materials due to inconsistent quality, unreliable sources, regulatory compliance and traceability.

By optimising the connection between these actors, Organix® encourages and facilitates waste recovery and the production of new organic and energy resources at a local level, for the benefit of circular economy and the regional energy transition. It is now easier for producers of organic waste to find waste-to-energy operators to reuse their materials, and the operators now have direct access to the offers, thanks to this 24/7, simple and easy-to-use service. Organix® enables them to benefit from a quality, reliable, flexible and accessible supply chain on a single platform. SUEZ guarantees the material quality, the application of the regulations and the traceability of flows all along the chain.

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