High performance methane surveying tool

The IRwin®

Ashtead Technology has launched an advanced natural gas detection system that can differentiate between different gases and does not require a hydrogen source. The IRwin® is a portable, intrinsically safe methane specific gas detector with additional capability for LEL, oxygen and toxic gas measurements.

“We are hugely impressed by the IRwin,” says Ashtead Technology’s Josh Thomas. “It is quick and easy to use, and by using an advanced infrared sensor the IRwin avoids the need to carry hydrogen. In combination with a special gas filter, it prevents interference from water vapour, ethanol or exhaust gas.

“The instrument is lightweight and battery powered, so it is simple and comfortable to use, and a wide range of modular accessories are available with different probes for almost any surface or application. A video on Ashtead-Technology.com provides a more detailed explanation of the probe options provided by the IRwin.

“By offering rental instruments in addition to every IRwin model for purchase, we aim to meet each customer’s financial and application-specific needs, and our team of trained advisers are available to help in the choice of the most appropriate instrument.”