Magnetic device reduces car emissions by 70% and provides fuel cost savings of up to 15%, claims firm

London-headquartered technology firm Sustainable Flow has launched a magnetic car device that is claimed to reduce harmful carbon emissions by up to 70%, helping motorists to cut their fuel bills by up to 10% and shrink their carbon footprint.

The Engine Performance Optimiser gives drivers petrol performance with diesel economy, says the firm.

How does it work?
Three powerful hi-tech ceramic magnets are installed onto the air, coolant and fuel lines of the engine, which improves fuel combustion by lowering fuel viscosity and breaking it into smaller particles. This works by increasing the net surface area of the fuel, so the molecules burn from the surface, optimising the combustion of the fuel and substantially lowering exhaust emissions.

A more in-depth explanation of the technology can be found here.

Sustainable Flow is the first and only company to bring this patented technology to the UK.

Performance in tests
Independent tests conducted by Dr Abhishek Asthana and supported by Halfords of Eyre Street, Sheffield reported car emission reductions of up to 69.9 per cent and fuel savings of up to 10 per cent.

Every car tested, including the oldest of 9 years, was positively impacted by the magnets, with significant fuel savings and emission reductions recorded for each.

Answer to an epidemic?
A press release from the firm says it is hoping to provide the answer to the air pollution epidemic gripping UK cities, especially in London where the levels of pollution have triggered a ‘high alert’.

The UK government is under mounting pressure to do more to tackle climate change and meet it’s 2023-2027 emissions reductions targets, which they are currently on course to miss.

To meet their 80% target for 2050, the UK will have to reduce carbon emissions by at least 3% a year, starting now.

Sustainable Flow says it wants to help drivers and companies to save money on fuel, whilst also doing their bit to tackle climate change.

Sadiq Khan’s T-charge, which aims to discourage older cars from driving in central London by introducing a charge of £11.50, comes into force on October 23th. This presents a difficult, and expensive predicament for a number of businesses with fleets, and taxi operators.

Sustainable Flow’s Engine Performance Optimiser aims to provide a solution for this, helping older cars to reduce their carbon emissions and pass the T charge checker, making them exempt from the charge and empowering them to do their part in reducing air pollution in London.

The device is suitable for all car models and can be fitted at over 3,500 local garages across the UK.

Once fitted, the device does not require servicing so there’s no need to book in for regular checks; drivers can simply install it and forget about it. The magnets come with a lifetime guarantee and do not affect or void their car manufacturer’s warranty.

The patented, ISO-rated technology is extremely adaptable and has numerous uses, across motor, marine and rail vehicles, properties, pools, spas and ponds, and agriculture.

The technology, covered by the internationally accepted Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, has an impressive global reach and has been making waves in the USA, with the US government, US Armed Forces, and companies including Panasonic, Siemens, Disney, Hilton Hotels all using the technology across various platforms.

Sustainable Flow have the exclusive distribution rights to sell the patented high-tech ceramic monopolar magnetic technology. ​