New aeration system claimed to boost bacteria levels

Wastewater treatment provider NCH Europe has launched a reportedly unique aeration system to increase dissolved oxygen in wastewater streams to improve the efficiency of wastewater treatment. The firm says the Oxy-Digester will boost the bacteria used to treat wastewater in products like NCH Europe’s FreeFlow, increasing their activity in digesting suspended solids. This means businesses could see greater return on investment for their wastewater treatment.

FreeFlow bacteria, described as “a highly active collection of bacteria strains from NCH Europe”, needs the right level of dissolved oxygen to be fully effective. These bacteria digest suspended solids such as fats, oils and greases in effluent, meaning wastewater disposal parameters are reduced each month, saving money on associated fees. However, in areas where dissolved oxygen in wastewater is too low, businesses risk implementing treatment without realising the full potential of cost-saving results they could achieve.

“Aeration systems can be used to dissolve more oxygen into the water,” explained Steve Martin, projects director of the wastewater and biologicals platform at NCH Europe. “The new Oxy-Digester is an aeration system designed by NCH that will increase dissolved oxygen levels in wastewater retention tanks.

“If FreeFlow bacteria are in an optimal environment with plenty of oxygen, they will thrive and work effectively to digest suspended solids and reduce chemical oxygen demand. Businesses that have already installed a BioAmp dispenser on their premises could see additional reductions in wastewater charges every month by adding this aerator to their current set-up.”

The Oxy-Digester is designed for large applications in the food and beverage industry. For smaller applications, NCH Europe is also supplying Dab Nova 200 and Dab Nova 600 pumps to increase dissolved oxygen levels on a smaller scale.

This product launch comes as part of NCH Europe’s innovation month, a pivotal month that brings a new selection of problem-solving products to industry. For more information on the Oxy-Digester and other NCH wastewater treatment options, call +44 (0) 1902 510200 to speak to one of the technical team.