Centrifuge improves sludgy waste handling in Manchester

The centrifuge offers a way of dealing with sludgy wastes that is more cost effective than conventional approaches.

Environmental services provider Adler & Allan says it is now offering cost-effective and sustainable removal of sludgy wastes, following the introduction of a Euroby Centrifuge at its Manchester depot. Used for a range of substances, including fatty and biofuel wastes, oil and food, the centrifuge removes liquid, leaving the solid behind, reducing disposal costs for the client by up to 50%.

Common in process industries, Adler & Allan’s Manchester depot is one of only a few waste management sites to use this technology, allowing its customers to benefit from enhanced waste processing, helping to reduce their carbon footprint as well as costs. The consequent solid is sent for bio-remediation treatment at a greatly reduced volume than if the centrifugal process hadn’t taken place, says the firm.

Bob Currie, Depot Manager at Adler & Allan Manchester, said: “We are pleased to add the Centrifuge to our waste disposal services, providing clients with a better option for processing sludgy wastes. As a company, we are committed to continuously improving our offering, ensuring we use the best possible technologies available; ideally ones which not only enhance the end user experience, but also improve sustainability credentials. Reducing waste volume is a global issue, and our new centrifuge will help our customers play their part in this important task.”

The Centrifuge compliments Adler & Allan’s other services available its Manchester depot, including waste handling, storage and removal, and 24/7 emergency spill response. For more information, visit: www.adlerandallan.co.uk.