Single-method process analyzers offer powerful solution for online wet chemical analysis

Features include high up-time, low chemical consumption, dependable 24/7 operation, and a user-friendly graphical interface, says Metrohm

Metrohm Process Analytics has introduced a new family of economical online process analyzers: the 2026 Titrolyzer and 2029 Process Photometer.

Described as powerful, compact process analyzers, they provide integrated solutions for 24/7 online analysis of critical chemical parameters in industrial processes and wastewater streams. Each single-method system is available in several application-specific configurations for monitoring up to two process streams.

The 202X Process Analyzer family comes in three basic configurations, covering several market needs. The 2026 Titrolyzer is suitable for titrimetric, ion selective, or pH measurements. The 2029 Process Photometer performs photometric absorption measurements in the visible light range. A 7in full-colour touchscreen shows trend graphs and allows easy access to your data.

The instruments feature a compact footprint of 326 x 273mm, to fit tight industrial spaces, and are each housed in a safe, rugged enclosure designed to IP66 specifications.

These process analysers are especially suitable for analysis in the chemical, petrochemical, semiconductor, food and beverage, potable water, and environmental sectors and can be customised for different applications.

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