New LPCB access cover range

LPCB level-4 accredited upstand covers

Bespoke access cover manufacturer, Cubis Systems, has introduced Upstand steel access covers to its Citadel range that meet the requirements of the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) security Level 4. This product supports utility providers seeking to meet regulatory standards to protect national infrastructure.

The LPCB has certified Cubis Systems’ steel access covers as meeting LPS 1175: Issue 7 for Level 4 security. This means that the covers have been extensively tested and proven to withstand attack from a wide range of tools.

The covers are manufactured from a minimum of 4mm thick structural steel plate and are hot-dip galvanised in accordance with BS EN ISO 1461. A superior galvanising finish can also be added to give a 100 to 140 micron zinc coating for additional longevity in aggressive environments.

“Protection of national infrastructure from contamination or vandalism is a core priority for governments and utility companies,” said Finn McCrory, Technical Manager at Cubis Systems. “Every site has to be assessed for risk before an access cover can be selected. The upstand covers are predominantly used over potable water, so are generally found on reservoirs, typically these are in rural areas. This is the best way to not only protect national infrastructure, but to demonstrate due diligence and compliance.

“Selecting a cover that has been third-party tested offers peace of mind that risk is being managed well and that money isn’t being wasted on a product that will fail. However, utility providers cannot rely on a secure access cover alone; other aspects of physical security must also be put into place. We have designed the latest addition to our Citadel range to support these measures.”

The upstand covers feature the capability to incorporate a magnetic proxy alarm that will work with any systems to suit customer alarm specifications. In addition, the bespoke covers easily accommodate LPCB approved padlocks such as the Abloy PL340/25, Abloy PL342 and Abloy PL350/25.