Decarbonising heat: April event in Glasgow to discuss the challenges and opportunities

Glasgow City Centre will host the Low-Carbon Heat Conference in late April.

Solutions for heating the homes and businesses of the future will be under the microscope at Scottish Renewables’ Low-Carbon Heat Conference in Glasgow on Tuesday 24 April.

With uncertainty over the end of the Renewable Heat Incentive and a new target in Scotland’s Energy Strategy, the challenges and opportunities presented by heat abound, say the organisers.

Speakers from both the UK and Scottish Governments, the Carbon Trust and a host of businesses already involved in the sector are lined up to appear at the event .

Jenny Hogan, Deputy Chief Executive at Scottish Renewables, said: “While we’ve made great strides in cutting carbon emissions from the power we generate, much remains to be done to switch to green sources for our heating needs if we’re to have any chance of meeting our carbon targets.

“The future of our heat supply is now, in many ways, the future of decarbonisation.

“Fundamental questions remain over where the future will lie for low-carbon heat: from electrification to green gas, and the role of renewable heat technologies.

“That means huge opportunity for industry – which is of course something we’ll be discussing at the conference – but also big changes for society in general.”

The event will open with a debate on ‘What comes next’, following the publication of the UK Government’s Clean Growth Strategy and the Scottish Government’s Energy Strategy last year.

The next session will look beyond 2021 and ask how the UK Government will support renewable heat beyond the end of the Renewable Heat Incentive.

After lunch, industry will take to the stage, with Star Renewable Energy, SWECO, GI Energy, Arup and others debating the host of non-financial barriers which must be overcome if low-carbon heat is to emulate the success of power sector decarbonisation.

The day will close with a session on innovation, and how the UK Government’s Industrial Strategy can bolster its use to solve the heat puzzle.

Delegates from ScottishPower Renewables, Vattenfall, ENGIE, Shepherd and Wedderburn and Natural Power are already registered for the event. To join them, or to learn more, see