Space-saving separator

Sites with restricted space and access can mitigate the risk of hazardous oil pollution with BoxSep, a new space-saving separator from environmental services provider, Adler & Allan. It is described as an ideal solution for DNO sub-stations, or any compact area where fuel is stored and/or delivered.

Providing all the features of a normal separator, BoxSep, is small in size and easy to transport, making it suitable for areas where space restrictions will not allow for standard separator installation. The lightweight but robust construction makes for quick and easy installation with no need for extensive underground civil engineering works.

BoxSep also offers a total environmental defence, when used in conjunction with the firm’s JBAR flood mitigation system and a water control unit – in other words, a self-contained flood defence and spill containment solution.

“Wherever oil is stored or delivered there is a risk of ground contamination and compliance can be an issue on sites where space is restricted,” explained Alan Scrafton from Adler & Allan.  “We are delighted to offer BoxSep as a solution to this problem, allowing the more challenging sites the same high standard of environmental protection as other oil storage facilities.”

What does BoxSep do?

• Works as a normal separator

• Prevents hazardous oil pollution in restricted spaces

• Provides total flood defence and spill containment

• Works in conjunction with bund water control unit

• Compatible with low level outlet applications.

BoxSep is produced in two sizes, covering areas of 9m2 and 120m2, but is also capable of covering larger areas if multiple units are combined.