Handheld solution for rapid, on-site testing of sulphur in marine oil

Instrumentation firm Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science has launched a new solution dedicated to the field-portable analysis of bunker fuel. The new X-MET8000 Optimum solution provides ship owners and port state control an alternative, portable option to benchtop XRF (X-ray Fluorescence) analysers to measure and monitor sulfur content in bunker fuel to meet the legislative requirements of the International Maritime Organisation’s global 2020 sulphur cap.

The X-MET8000 Optimum handheld XRF analyser can be easily taken from site to site and ship to ship. The instrument is factory-calibrated with a sulfur range of 0% to 5%, and calibrated to ASTM , D4294, IP336 and ISO8754. The solution also provides the end-user everything they need to carry out the analysis easily: sample cups, safety window and film, light stand and safety shield, and a brand new sample tray to keep the cup and safety window stable during the analysis. With the X-MET, you can achieve real-time data transfer with our IOS and Android apps, and cloud service. It also has an embedded GPS to pinpoint where the analysis was performed to provide compliance reporting.

The new X-MET8000 handheld XRF solution complements Hitachi High-Tech’s existing laboratory-based sulfur analysers, LAB-X and X-Supreme, to provide ship owners and port state control flexibility. Analysis can be carried out on-board a vessel by ship owners either using a benchtop or handheld XRF analyser, whilst port state control has the option of using benchtop analysers in laboratories and handheld analysers to perform spot-checks onboard vessels to ensure compliance.

Christelle Petiot, Hitachi Product Business Development Manager, said: “Ensuring compliance with the 2020 global sulphur cap regulation is a challenge for many organisations and for the industry. On-board testing is the most effective method to establish compliance. We’ve got a long history working with testing houses in ports and laboratories. The launch of our X-MET8000 Optimum solution compliments our LAB-X benchtop analyser, which has been used over the last 20 years to test sulfur in fuel. We’ve recently launched a new model, the LAB-X5000. It’s the fastest, easiest to use and most versatile model in the range’s 45 year history.

“Our launch of the LAB-X5000 and X-MET8000 Optimum solution demonstrate how we are constantly evolving our product ranges to ensure ship owners and port authorities are able prove their compliance now and in the future.”