Firm to unveil new sensors at oil spill monitoring event in June

Chelsea Technologies Group (CTG) is among the sponsors of the 4th Premiam Conference “Post Spill Monitoring, Looking Back and Moving Forward” on the 21st June at the Natural History Museum, London. Emma Johnson, CTG’s Maritime & Hydrocarbon Sales Manager will be showcasing CTG’s range of hydrocarbon monitoring products.

The aim of the Premiam conference is to provide a forum for scientists, regulators and environmental advisors working in the field of marine oil/chemical spill monitoring and impact assessment to share experience, best practice and knowledge with the wider marine emergency response community.

CTG says it has a proven range of in situ sensors optimised for monitoring crude and refined oil. Applications include: reporting of hydrocarbon monitoring in ports & coastal areas, within natural water systems, pollution surveillance, point source pollution tracking & monitoring of wash water from ship’s exhaust gas scrubbing systems. Systems are also available for detection of leaks in pipelines & subsea installations and for subsea control line leak detection.

On display will be:

– The firm’s new V-Lux multi-parameter fluorometer, configured to detect either aromatic hydrocarbons, algae or tryptophan-like fluorescence.
– OIL-Wader: Provides real-time in situ detection of dissolved aromatic hydrocarbons. This system comprises a UviLux fluorometer and a Hawk handheld display and logging unit.
– Subsea Leak Detection Systems: These systems detect fluorescence of either hydrocarbon directly, or standard products with added fluorophors and have been optimised for minimal interference from turbidity.