Anglian Water appoint HBS New Energies to deliver 30MWp solar PPA programme

HBS New Energies has installed its first solar energy site for Anglian Water, following an earlier award to deliver a 30MWp solar programme for the utility, the largest water company by geographical area in England and Wales.

Macquarie Principal Finance is funding the installation of the solar assets under a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) and will partner with HBS, who’ll design, install and operate solar photovoltaic PV systems across the utility’s operational sites – with systems ranging from 200kWp up to 15MWp.

Anglian Water is one of the biggest energy users in the East of England. The solar PV roll-out will create significant electricity and carbon savings, says the water firm, supporting a declared commitment to becoming carbon neutral by 2050.

The is second phase of solar installation provided by HBS New Energies, following the arrays installed in 2016 at the Hall Water Treatment Works in Lincolnshire and Water Recycling Centres in Witham and Rayleigh. The renewables company is working closely with Anglian Water on all aspects of the solar programme, from legal collaboration, planning, DNO and site surveying through to electrical design, project development, construction and O&M.