Technology firm wins smart city odour monitoring deal in Kuwait

Kuwait City will be the focus of a smart cities project

Environmental management technology firm Envirosuite has picked up a contract to provide a city-wide odour monitoring and management system in Kuwait.

The announcement constitutes the firm’s first city-wide application win,  as well as the first sale and large-scale rollout of its new proprietary “E-nose” sensors, according to the Australian technology publication Small Caps.

The three-year deal with the Kuwait Environment Public Authority (K-EPA) is said to be worth a total of $1.2 million. This includes $265,000 of projected revenues from the ongoing supply and maintenance of hardware and software.

In terms of operation, the E-nose sensors are tuned to identify “client-specific categories of odour” that feed data into Envirosuite’s environmental compliance and incident intelligence solutions. The firm willl supply a network of 90 of these sensors to support the Kuwait smart city plans.

The sensors will thereby allow the K-EPA to identify, analyse and respond to odour and general air quality management issues across Kuwait City and surrounding areas.

Envirosuite is providing a full end-to-end solution, encompassing all of the necessary software and hardware, and in this respect the Kuwait smart city project seems to be a continuation of a trend.

“K-EPA has advised that this contract is only considered as an initial phase and a significant expansion is anticipated in the medium-term subject to the success of this project,” said the firm’s website.

The company’s CEO Peter White said: “Envirosuite is in an excellent position to become a leading supplier of air quality solutions to smart-city projects globally and we are already receiving in-bound enquiries from other regions, including South America, for similar smart-city projects.”

The company’s environmental management platform is currently being used worldwide by governments as well as clients in the mining, oil refining, transportation and water management industries.

The upgrade involved two additional solutions plus associated equipment, installation and maintenance services, valued at a total of $600,000.

Other clients that have recently come on board include agricultural giant and Chile’s biggest producer of pork products, Agrosuper, as well as another public works authority in the Middle East.