Grundfos goes beyond the pump

Pumps are big energy consumers that currently account for 10% of global electricity and many are needlessly inefficient. Today, by focussing on changing to high efficiency pumps that incorporate advanced motor technology, an average pump’s energy consumption can be reduced by up to 60%. 

Efficiencies are a function of good pump design and not purely a standalone benefit, so it is important to understand the true value of pump efficiency. This means that to achieve the highest overall efficiency the complete installation needs to be examined as opposed to just viewing the pump in isolation and being able to deliver real energy savings with a short return on investment.

By thinking beyond the pump and taking the entire pumping system into account it is possible to optimise the way pumps, drives, controls and protection, and measurement and communication units work together as part of one system. A manufacturer like Grundfos, can incorporate specific demands with their application expertise. They can then take these requirements and translate them into state-of-the-art pump intelligence – for any application. This approach that is both integral as well as encompassing the integrity of the entire system is called Grundfos iSOLUTIONS. 

Grundfos Pumps Ltd is a UK leader in the supply of pumps and pump systems for domestic, commercial building services and process industry applications, as well as being a major supplier to the water supply and treatment industries and provider of packaged fire sets. The firm is part of the Grundfos Group that employs 19,000 people in sales and production roles in 83 companies worldwide. Founded in Denmark in 1945, the Group now has an annual turnover of £3billion and produces 17 million pumps per year.