Bespoke telemetry manages fuel

Sensors run ongoing checks to allow users to maintain the quality of their fuel supply

UK environmental services firm Crown Oil Environmental is offering a telemetry system to help firms monitor their fuel supply and avoid incidents of fuel contamination and tank corrosion.

Fuel has a shelf life and over time it becomes contaminated with rust, sediment, water and sludge build-up. Not only does this make the fuel less efficient, but it also causes long-term damage to the tank and the equipment that uses the fuel. 

Consistent monitoring and analysis are key to fully mitigate the risk of fuel failure and its associated impact. Traditionally, monitoring fuel levels required staff to regularly monitor tanks manually. But times have changed. 

The firm says it is embracing new technologies to give businesses more control over their fuel usage and quality, letting them side-step the need to hire someone with specialist skills to be onsite.

The firm provides a telemetry system to help organisations manage and protect their assets 24/7. Compatible with gas oil, derv, kerosene, heating oil, lubricants, biofuels and most other liquid fluids, the system can be tailored to individual requirements with respect to fuel levels, tank contents, average fuel consumption, fuel contamination, CO2 emissions and more.

Battery-powered probe sensors are installed inside fuel tanks and connected to an easy-to-navigate dashboard to allow stock levels to be viewed remotely and securely through any web enabled device. Fuel users can choose how frequently the sensors report; for large fuel users, a daily reading is recommended to avoid a failure in operations.

Battery powered probes are used as opposed to ultrasonic equipment as they are less susceptible to contamination build-up. Battery sensors can also be completely self-contained for temporary applications or when there’s a power outage to avoid system downtime.    

The sensors run continual checks on particulate and water content and monitor fuel levels, giving fuel users the information they need to improve overall fuel quality. In the event of an increase in harmful particulates or a sudden decrease in fuel levels, alarms are activated and notify the team at Crown Oil Environmental, whatever the time or day.

Through increased visibility and control of key fuel quality indicators, businesses can improve stock management and arrange deliveries in line with their overall usage across an organisation. This ultimately reduces logistics and admin costs, avoiding critical application failure. 

A backup stock of sensors is held at the firm’s head office, ensuring it is always ready for an emergy response, said Crown Oil Environmental’s Chris Beatty.

“The system offers improved health and safety as there’s no need to measure fuel levels yourself; our trained engineers install and maintain the sensors, so it’s one less thing for fuel users to worry about. They can simply log on to their system and view their dashboard at the click of a button. We are also currently developing an app to further improve accessibility.”