Oxidation method chosen for Nigerian oil clean-up


In-situ remediation specialist Eko Harden Technologies announced in June that its patented Ekogrid electrokinetic oxidation solution has been chosen by environmental remediation firm Recowell Solutions Group Oy for the world’s largest oil contamination recovery project in Nigeria’s Ogoniland region.

The contract stipulates that the electrokinetic oxidation technology will be used as part of a larger hybrid in-situ remediation solution. It is designed and optimized to treat toxic organic contaminants such as polyaromatic hydrocarbons in the conditions present in Ogoniland. This first contract covers the treatment of one of the 21 contaminated sites awarded in the first phase.

The restoration project is governed by the Hydrocarbon Pollution Remediation Project (HYPREP), an organization authorized by the Federal Ministry of Environment in Nigeria, and will be scaled up to cover hundreds of contaminated sites within a 1,000-km2 region in Ogoniland.

According to an independent scientific assessment carried out by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), recovery from the pollution that was caused by over 50 years of oil operations in the region could take up to 30 years. UNEP also estimated that capital funding of up US$1-billion would be required to cover the first five years of the clean-up project.

According to Jussi Koskinen, the Chairman of Recowell Solutions Group, Ekogrid is a crucial component in Recowell’s hybrid in-situ remediation solution. “Ekogrid enables us to extend the bioremediation to the deep soil and groundwater.” And he continued, “It speeds up the remediation process and makes more efficient use of the bioremediation agents.”

Recowell Solutions Group’s in-situ remediation solution combines a method applicable to petroleum hydrocarbon contaminated soil with groundwater remediation and clean-up of oil spills. There is no need to excavate and transport the soils. It employs microbes capable of degrading the hydrocarbons.

The solution maintains the optimal environmental conditions, at any depth and soil type, for efficient remediation to meet the targets set by the authorities. The biodegradable oil-absorbent and slow-release nutrient source ORS-SORB in Recowell’s solution is mixed with the contaminated soil and can capture the petroleum hydrocarbons. Remediation is kick-started by the bioremediation solution KEEEN OSC and includes high-performance enzymes and non-toxic bio-activators.