Vinyl manufacturers to hold pipes conference in September

Significant trends across the European plastic pipe value chain, cost-competitiveness of PVC pipes and best practices for their installation will be some of the key topics for debate by European experts at the first PVC4Pipes conference to be held on 17 September 2019 in Bologna, Italy.

The one-day event seems directed towards showcasing the benefits of PVC pipes, as well as providing more detail on the technical and sustainability aspects of PVC piping systems.

In a first session, an overview of fundamental drivers of demand for plastic pipes in Europe and Italy will be given. The strategy on piping systems from one multi-utility company will be presented, followed by an update on the European harmonization of the hygiene requirements for contact with drinking water.

In a second session, say the organisers, “speakers will demonstrate that PVC pipes are the smart choice for utilities.” Delegates will seemingly learn about PVC pipes’ cost-competitiveness in the water and sewer sectors. A press release for the event says: “Analyses confirm that PVC-U is the best total cost of ownership performer.” A presentation on best practices for PVC pipes installation will share guidance on techniques that can optimise the service life of PVC pipes, which has been shown to exceed 100 years. Another presentation will provide methods for making optimum end-of-life replacement decisions. A last presentation will show how studies evaluating the cost and sustainability of underground piping can help municipalities to drive their investment decisions.

In a third session, Minimum Environmental Criteria for Public Procurement of Building and Construction Products in Italy will be covered by a representative from the Italian Authorities. Methods to reduce compliance costs for contact with drinking water will be explained and solutions to resolve the apparently conflicting terms of the European REACH and waste legislations will be provided

In a last session dedicated to innovation, the event will introduce an innovative joining technology allowing to avoid clogging due to root intrusion, innovative processes to manufacture PVC cores and the VinylPlus® Product Label, a new sustainability certification for PVC products in building and construction.

Announcing the programme, Vincent Stone, PVC4Pipes Project Leader says: “The proven durability, recyclability and cost-competitiveness of PVC piping systems have made them a safe and sustainable choice for delivering essential services reliably for more than eight decades. There is now ample evidence to show their lifespan is more than 100 years.”

“From regulatory drivers to sustainability impacting on the PVC pipes sector to manufacturing innovations, our first conference will provide an unmissable opportunity to hear about important developments, stimulate new thinking, collaborate and share best practice. We look forward to welcoming you in Italy!”

PVC4Pipes is the European Council of Manufacturers’ (ECVM) platform dedicated to the PVC pipes value chain, uniting PVC resin producers, pipe manufacturers, additive suppliers and machinery producers as well as industry associations, communications organisations and institutes.

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