ADBA National Conference returns

ADBA National Conference

ADBA National Conference
11th December
One Great George Street, London

ADBA’s flagship event returns in December 2019, marking 10 years of ADBA and 10 years before the UK government must reduce emissions by 57%. If this is delivered, the UK will be on track to meet its 2050 commitment: “net zero” greenhouse gases by 2050.

The UK anaerobic digestion industry has a critical role to play in helping the government achieve this. This year’s conference will discuss what this is and how we can realise it. Therefore, the central theme is: There’s no Net Zero without Biogas.

As well as debating this issue with leading industry figures, delegates will dive in to specific sectors such as farming, heating, transport, digestates, CO2 and end of life and learn more about how AD can help end waste, deliver the circular economy and tackle the climate crisis.

There will also be extensive opportunities to network and review the latest AD products and services with our exhibitors.

A must-attend event for all AD professionals, local authorities, academics and government officials to stay informed about the scale of the impact biogas can have on the 2050 commitment.

Posted on behalf of The Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association (ADBA), for further information please visit their website