Horizontal lifeline safety systems help with EA river maintenance

Safesite Limited has installed a number of horizontal lifeline safety systems for the Environment Agency to allow essential maintenance and recordings of river levels around London and the South East of England.

Rubbish and debris from the river need to be cleared regularly so that the water’s flow is not impaired, and the weirs kept clear to allow accurate recordings of river levels and flows to be taken. However, in order to clear this waste from the trash screens and weirs, workers need to work away from the river banks which lead to the Environment Agency contacting Safesite to provide a safe means of maintenance access at a number of locations.

Safesite’s KeeLine protection systems provide the workers with a safe working position, allowing them to maintain the waterway and ensure that it is kept as clean as possible. Designed as a continual ‘handsfree’ system, the horizontal lifeline allows the workers to clear the debris and take river readings without having to detach themselves from the fall protection system, so guaranteeing safety at all times. A further benefit is that KeeLine can be used by up to three people when used in fall arrest, which allows the Environment Agency to have two workers using the system at the same time when required.

The Environment Agency was looking not only for a local supplier, but also one that could provide both customer and full technical support, which Safesite was able to fulfil. The installation of the KeeLine horizontal lifeline systems allow operatives to work unhindered and in complete safety across the fast flowing water to keep the rivers flowing freely and overcoming the potential for localised flooding.

KeeLine is designed to provide safe access by allowing workers to be permanently attached to the line at all times and to move freely around an area. The system is designed so that the traveller which connect the user to the systems simply glides over brackets which overcomes the need to detach from the lifeline. KeeLine is fully compliant to EN 795:212.