Full-service upgrading solution first


Biogas upgrading expert DMT Environmental Technology has announced the launch of Total Solutions Provider (TSP) – an end-to-end project partnership that supports the customer from the moment biogas leaves the digester to when it’s injected directly into the grid.

The approach – seemingly a first in the sector – will see DMT support site managers throughout their build. From planning support and finance provision, to equipment supply, installation and commissioning. While most equipment suppliers will only provide the upgrading unit, TSP also covers the specification and installation of pre-treatment technology, grid entry/natural gas kiosks, interconnecting pipework, electrics and export to grid connection. A key element of the service is dealing with the gas networks and following their strict documentation protocols – seemingly a vital area if projects are to achieve their deadlines, not only for installation of equipment but making sure all the correct documentation is correctly submitted and signed off.   

Stephen McCulloch of DMT Environmental Technology commented: “While we may be the only technology provider offering a total solutions provision, we’re confident that this fresh new approach will revolutionise the biogas market and change the way in which facilities think about the specification and installation of upgrading equipment.”