Portable preeminence is the goal of new FTIR multigas analyser

gasmet-technologies-GT5000-terraAnnounced as “the world’s lightest and smallest gas analyzer,” Gasmet says its new GT5000 Terra (9.4 kg with battery) can be operated wirelessly for measuring up to 50 gases simultaneously in a matter of seconds. The analyzer is capable of identifying more than 300 gases.

GT5000 Terra is a gas analyzer seemingly designed for field use,  employing “cutting-edge FTIR technology” which allows the analyzer to identify and measure airborne gases “easily and reliably even in the most demanding conditions.”

An innovative highly integrated optical structure seems to be another important detail: the number of moving parts has been minimized to maximize the stability. As GT5000 Terra is IP54 rated, it is suitable for versatile, carefree outdoor use in any weather – even in subfreezing temperatures.

The compact and durable multigas analyzer can be used for measuring both natural and harmful airborne gases in numerous applications. For example it can be used to identify toxic gases in containers, laboratories, production facilities and accident sites. Or for measuring natural greenhouse emissions in outdoor environments. The device is equipped with an integrated pump and an internal battery. It can be equipped with optional accessories according to the application or client’s needs.

“As a response to users’ wishes, we reduced the gas analyzer’s size to a minimum and invested in user-friendliness without compromising performance. The analyzer’s wireless functions are particularly useful in hazardous or uncomfortable conditions as the analyzer can be controlled remotely from a safe distance,” said Anna Leino, Product Engineer at Gasmet.

GT5000 Terra is said to be easy to setup and the measurement is initiated with the press of a single button. Both the device and the software have been designed to be used by anyone, says Gasmet, with minimal training. The tablet’s touch screen can be used even when wearing protective gloves.