SPONSORED CONTENT: Expertise in water and wastewater analysis

Expertise in water

As a leading manufacturer of instruments for chemical analysis, Metrohm Process Analytics offers state-of-the-art systems and complete solutions that allow easy and cost-saving monitoring of your water samples.

In a constant water treatment process, pollutants must be monitored continuously. The 202X process analyser series provides a reliable and easy-to-maintain 24/7 operation. There are three basic models available to cover the key requirements of water analysis and help to reduce costs.

The 2026 Titrolyzer can perform potentiometric titrations, measurements with ion-sensitive electrode (ISE) or pH determination (2026 pH Analyser). The high-performance single-method analysers are equipped with high-resolution dosing systems for precise and reproducible results, even in the trace range.

The 2029 Process Photometer was specifically designed for photometric absorption measurements in the visible light range. Thanks to the differential absorbance photometry technique, any colour on the sample background that could interfere with the measurement is eliminated.

Additionally Metrohm Process Analytics offer the 2035 Process Analyzer, an intelligent system for 24/7 online monitoring of water and wastewater, as well as complex industrial processes.

The 2035 Process Analyser is available in three basic configurations which can be combined with additional techniques such as pH and/or conductivity measurement for a complete water profile. This is the system of choice for analysing complex or organic wastewater, delivering reliable results even in the most challenging environments.