A wide range of gas sensing

SmartGas 10 sensor

Sensors and transmitters expert Omni Sensors and Transmitters has acted as UK distributor and technical partner for world class gas sensor manufacturers Figaro Engineering (Japan) and smartGAS (Germany), for over 25 years.

With this combined portfolio, the firm says it provides a comprehensive range of products and application know-how to fit all areas of gas detection, measurement and analysis.

For example, are you looking for a high-precision, long-lasting sensor that can reliably measures gases? A sensor that is optimally suited to your application? The NDIR gas sensors from smartGAS are high-quality optical components that provide good selectivity, low drift and very short reaction times.

Figaro is a world leader in gas sensing innovation. In MOS Type Sensors, Figaro remains the world leading supplier of semiconductor gas sensors since inventing the technology more than 50 years ago. Detecting multiple gases and servicing many applications, Figaro sensors and pre-calibrated modules provide cost effective solutions that are deployed worldwide.

And in the area of catalytic type sensors, Figaro Catalytic sensors achieve a high degree of reliability combined with rapid response and small size. With electrochemical type sensors, Figaro’s sensors exhibit high accuracy, a linear response and good selectivity to the target gas.

The sales engineering team at Omni Sensors and Transmitters will be pleased to help you select the perfect gas sensing solutions for your business. Please contact the firm at the URL below.