Simplified slurry separation

The Bioselect RC is an energy-saving, highly efficient, compact solid/liquid separator, according to manufacturer Börger Pumps. Standout features include the way the design preserves the life of the components.

Borger separator range

Following the success of its range of Separators – launched in 2016 – pumps manufacturer Börger has released a new, seemingly more affordable, 25 m³/h model, suitable for dairy farmers with herds of up to 150 – and for small-scale biogas operators.

The launch of this compact new Bioselect RC 25 (which complements Börger’s existing range of up to 40 m³/h, 75 m³/h and 150 m³/h Separators), is said to provide easy and highly effective separation of slurry.

Reducing storage volume and creating effective fertilization with the liquid phase or use of solids as bedding material, the Börger Separator can be fully installed or used as a mobile unit, consistently achieving Dry Solids (DS) content up to 38%.

The Börger Bioselect 25 m³/h model also benefits from a new feature that enables the user to adjust the length of the dewatering chamber to their specific requirements for enhanced separation efficiency.

To help customers deploy the Separator optimally, as well as to support a long service life, Borger manufactures ready-to-connect, complete units with Separator, Börger rotary lobe pump and control unit that synchronizes the operation of the components. Upon request, Börger can also take care of the construction of the frame or the trailer.

In addition, Börger has developed a new frame concept for its separators – customized, using a modular principle depending on the amount of space available at the customers’ premises. For the new Bioselect RC 25, the frame can be equipped with a three-point-hitch frame. This makes it possible to relocate the entire unit easily and quickly by using a tractor.