Sponsored content: Brazil plant chooses TS

Six Valmet Total Solids Measurement (Valmet TS) systems will be supplied as part of the delivery by SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions of water and wastewater treatment plants to Klabin’s Puma II project in Brazil. The project comprises the construction of two new paper machines, along with the production of integrated pulp.

The SUEZ delivery includes expansion of the water production plant from 141,600 m3 per day to 213,600 m3 per day and a 50 percent increase in the treatment capacity of the industrial effluent treatment plant. Valmet TS provides the capability of mass flow-based controls to achieve substantial savings in polymer dosage, energy and transportation, as well as environmental benefits. Four in-line Valmet TS measurements will control primary, secondary, tertiary and homogenized primary sludge consistencies in the wastewater treatment plant. The fifth unit will be installed to control sludge consistency in the water treatment plant. The sixth unit will be installed to control tertiary sludge consistency in the wastewater treatment plant in Puma I.  The Valmet TS microwave measurement is said to provide the most reliable and accurate inline solids measurement for the range of 0-50 percent in wastewater applications. Two Valmet TS have already been in use since September 2019 at the wastewater treatment plant of the existing Puma pulp mill. Delivery of the six new Valmet TS systems took place in late 2020.