Sponsored content: Cleaner air thanks to carbon filtration

The UK Government’s Clean Air Strategy identifies a number of target compounds that need to be reduced dramatically within industrial air emissions.

Two of the main target contaminants, namely volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and ammonia (NH3), can be abated efficiently via filtration with activated carbon.

CPL Activated Carbons is a leading UK supplier of carbon filtration solutions. In addition to a broad selection of specialised Filtracarb® activated carbons. Tthe company also manufactures and supplies a range of VOCSorber® mobile carbon filters.

The current range-topper is the High Flow HF24 unit (pictured above), which can be used for treating flow rates in excess of 40,000 m3 per hour.  This high flow rate capability makes these ‘HF’ units ideal for challenging air purification applications, such as  handling the air flow within waste transfer stations or the emissions from chemical production facilities.  A vertical version is currently under development, with a smaller physical footprint.

When a filter is spent, the used carbon is recycled at CPL’s thermal reactivation plant in north Lincolnshire.

CPL Activated Carbons is proud to be playing its part in helping its customers achieve the stringent targets required by the Clean Air Strategy.