Sponsored content: CHP support halves bills

The Motortech control panel
The Motortech control panel

Gas engine support specialist Gen-C has helped on-farm AD operator Springvale Energies break free from a monthly CHP service contract.

By upgrading the control panel, overhauling the engine, and supplying parts and servicing on a pay-as-you-go basis, Gen-C has given farmer Nigel Bloom control of his own CHP and halved his service and maintenance costs.

The energy generated by Springvale Energies’ 1.1 MW AD plant in Retford, Nottinghamshire, is converted into heat and power by two 600 kW MWM gas engines. Their reliability is crucial to the success of the diversified farming business, so owner Nigel Bloom signed up to the supplier’s servicing contract.

Despite the £7,000 monthly cost, his team often faced delays for the engines to be restarted. The tipping point came when Nigel was informed that his engine required a full E70 refurbishment service, at an additional charge of £150,000.

Nigel turned instead to Gen-C. Managing Director James Thompson commissioned his service partner, Warren Vessey from GenV, to inspect the engine and confirm that the E70 service could be delayed. James then installed an open-access Motortech control panel, featuring ComAp technology.

This gave the Springvale team full control over their own engine, enabling them to dial in remotely to monitor performance, diagnose any faults, fix them instantly and restart the CHP. James also upgraded the fuel mixer and ignition controller with new Motortech parts. The project took just four days to complete.

“From the moment the engine was switched on, it ran solidly until the next service without a hitch,” says Plant Manager Richard Gagg. “The new control panel is so simple to use that, should there be any problems, we can correct most things ourselves.”

“By breaking away from our CHP service contract and switching to pay-as-you-go, we have cut our service and maintenance costs by 50%,” reveals Nigel. “We’re now in the driving seat, managing our engines ourselves and getting true value for money.”