Sponsored content: Hire management just got easier

Casella Guardian2

Reinforcing Casella’s engineering expertise and experience producing quality monitoring instruments, the Casella Guardian2 can help control site emissions and reduce environmental risks. Casella has introduced new features to make hire management easier.

Hire companies may have dozens of units to manage at one time. With that in mind, Casella has upgraded its bespoke web-based interface, ‘Casella 24/7’, to make the process of checking in and checking out the Guardian2 easier than ever before.

The Guardian2 can be checked out with minimal time and effort, thanks to a new step-by-step ‘wizard’ that ensures no detail is missed. From setting up users, locations and reports to alerts, every step is streamlined into one intuitive wizard. Hiring companies can also choose reporting and alert ‘templates’, saving manual input.

At the end of the hire period, units can be checked in with confidence as user alerts and reports are deactivated automatically, meaning one less job for the hire company. Data integrity is maintained as the stored data will remain against the customer’s report, ensuring data is never ‘lost’ as the Guardian2 moves around between clients.