Seminars to help construction industry protect wild habitats in urban areas


A new series of webinars and podcasts will discuss the ways in which the construction industry can better protect the UK’s biodiversity and wild habitats.

Climate change is having a significant impact on biodiversity, with the IPCC’s recent landmark report highlighting the critical levels of concern across the world. The Habitat Matters series – organised by drainage expert ACO Water Management – will explore the proactive steps the construction industry can take.

The events bring together government representatives and partner organisations, and will take place on the following dates and will be made available online for those who are unable to attend in person:

· 26 August – Future Cities Encompassing Natural Systems
· 10 September – Habitat Connectivity
· 24 September – Healthy Connection to Habitats
· 08 October – Habitat by Design
· 21 October – Design & Management of High Quality Green Spaces
· 28 October – COP26 Future Policy to Protect Natural Habitats

Adam Cane, Sustainability Lead at ACO Water Management said the construction industry “can play a significant role in creating, maintaining, and improving natural habitats in built environments,” and it was to advance this purpose that the seminars had been designed.

The series includes eight webinars and six podcasts, which will take place in the lead up to COP26 in Glasgow.

The next webinar, which will take place on Thursday 26 August will focus on ‘Future Cities Encompassing Natural Systems’. This event will look at how biodiversity action plans & biodiversity net gains can affect planning, how sustainable drainage systems (SUDS) play a vital role in urban environments and how building retrofit can help and benefit nature.

For the full schedule, alongside details on how to register your interest in an event, please visit the Habitat Matters website at